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e-Learning Solutions

The need for distance & collaborative learning and the flexibility has been fueling the demand for E-learning solutions. e-Planet Infosystem has been instrumental in developing web and application based e-learning solutions which include audio-video chat and other presentation and collaboration tools for various types of audiences.The advantages of using our solutions are that they are user-friendly, stable, secure and robust. They have well-thought of and sophisticated architecture so that real-time data processing takes place. We maintain logs for activities as and when required. Our solutions usually are SCROM compliant. SCROM is acronym of "Shareable Content Object Reference Model". This is a common e-learning standard used for developing, packaging and delivering high-quality training materials for online courses.

Some of the common features in our e-learning solutions are:

  • Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
    Virtual classrooms are created that allows web based classes. Registered users can take online exams leading to certifications in different professional fields.
  • Content Sharing and Collaboration
    Content sharing and collaboration has never been easier before than it is by using our e-learning document sharing capabilities. The online learning solutions have networking capabilities such that the contents can be built and saved can be shared with different groups and communities.
  • Online Exams
    Registered users can take online exams that provide flexibility to students and instructors. Creating quizzes and exams for certification is incorporated in the e-learning solutions as per need.
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    Change content dynamically without involving developers every day.
  • Audio & Video Streaming
    Complex audio codec in Instant Messaging solutions, media analyzer and broadcast engines are implemented. Live video streaming enables high quality live transmission of video over the internet and on multiple hardware combination for live broadcast.
  • Voice over IP
    VOIP capabilities are successfully added to new and existing software applications while implementing these with latest algorithms such as hole-punching, multithreading and P2P.

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