Our Methodology for Software Development

Methodology For Software Development

At e-Planet Infosystem, we are committed to delivering excellence and unparalleled quality - not as a product of chance, but as an invariable outcome of our IT methodology. Our stringent 8-step process has helped us consistently deliver relevant, global quality of products and solutions to our clients, instilling in them a high degree of satisfaction and trust in e-Planet Infosystem's offerings.

Our IT methodology covers the following stages:

  • Requirement Analysis

    Having obtained a complete 360 degree perspective on our client's business situation and technical issues, our specialized Requirement Analysts analyze the client's needs. They understand and document exactly what the client requires, keeping in mind the complexities and multiple levels of today's business operations

  • System Analysis & Design

    With the client's requirements explicitly defined and confirmed, our experts analyze the various components and functions of the system to be developed. They then create a detailed structure and design of the new system, serving as a blueprint of sorts.

  • GUI Presentation

    Next, our design team develops the visual identity of the application, in line with the client's brand image and / or the preferences of the target market. The resulting Graphical User Interface (GUI) is then presented to the client for approval and fine tuned to achieve perfection.

  • Database Designing

    Our Database analysts analyze the entire system and design the database in an intelligent way to deliver an optimal solution. While designing the database our analysts always keep flexibility in mind so that anytime upon the needs of customer it can be changed.also a large database can be handled very easily.

  • Testing, Debugging & Integration

    After all the programs of the system have been coded, we enter the crucial stage of testing the system to ensure that it provides the expected results. Any bugs or problems in the programs are tweaked for top performance and consistency, following which the system is integrated.

  • Deployment

    With the application perfected and ready to roll, our team begins deployment by installing the newly developed system on the client's premises. Additionally, we train the new users so that they acquire a high comfort level with the system and are able to benefit from it in the most effective ways.

  • Testing, Debugging & Integration

    Post-deployment, our team continues to perform periodic reviews and tests on the system to ensure interrupted smooth operations and ongoing relevancy for our clients, so that they continue to derive maximum profit from their investment.