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Mobile Application Development

All over the world, businesses are finding it a profitable venture to have their own mobile apps that showcases their products/services and highlights their benefits. Mobile applications are currently one of the best ways to reach out to customers, market the products and services and convert leads. e-Planet Infosystem India Pvt. Ltd. provides comprehensive mobile application development services, catering to the needs of all kinds of businesses. We employ skilled app developers who have gathered valuable experience over years of active application development practice across different industry verticals and different mobile app development platforms, and employ a work ethic which encourages top quality and productivity. Some of the services we offer are listed below

iPhone Application Development

You can leverage our iPhone application development service expertise to have any type or any complexity of app developed using iOS. We strictly follow the rules and codes that Apple enforce in the app market strategy, and deliver complete iPhone applications with superior usability and functionality. Our developers possess a deep understanding of the Apple platform and ensure that all our app deliveries are eligible for release on iTunes Store.

iPad Application Development

With the growing popularity of the larger form factor portable devices such as tablets, there is a related increase in demand for customized application development for the iPad. We offer premium iPad application development services, deriving optimum use out of the resident firmware environment of the iPad and the significantly larger viewing area to provide a more engrossing experience for users.

Android Application Development

We offer high-quality Android application development services, suited for clients who want to propagate their business using the most widely used smartphone OS platform in the world. With experienced insight on the strengths and features of Android, our application development services provide you with the mileage and exposure that you need.

Windows Mobile App Development

Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform is fast gaining popularity, particularly with users who use Microsoft Windows on their desktop PCs and laptops. With our Windows Mobile SDK and framework skills, you can reach out to the vast number of users who use this platform both on PC's and mobiles.

Cross platform Application development

Today’s cut throat businesses need every power at their disposal to attract smartphone user attention. We help you in this endeavor by providing mobile apps that cater to all major mobile ecosystems - be it iOS, Android, Windows or BlackBerry. With the distinct advantages of employing reusable time, reduced development time and easy deployment, our cross platform capabilities work well in favor of your business’ revenues.

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