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Health Care

Healthcare industry is facing challenges like high cost, stringent government regulations, lengthy insurance procedures, and security and confidentiality issues other than just providing quality medical care. Industries is adopting IT solutions to streamline information flow and get some respite to these problems.

Some of the advantages are:

  • It increases efficiency by improving customer management, billing process, clinical data storage, claims management thereby generating more revenue by providing better customer service.

  • Decreases cost of operation by eliminating administrative cost of paper records

  • Minimizes the risk of error and cost and time associated with multiple data entry leading to redundancy of information.

However, implementing these IT solutions have challenges associated with them and needs expertise as well as experience to deal with them. Complications such as integration and interoperability issues, security risks and complexities in developing solutions in full compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) arises in developing a robust, secure with high user acceptance healthcare solutions.

e-Planet Infosystem professionals will help you in developing and implementing healthcare information system. We have an excellent team of seasoned consultants with specific domain knowledge of healthcare industry, experienced engineers who are well versed with industry interface standards and regulations. Our vast experience in Healthcare product development/re-engineering, disciplined project management and quality software knowledge will add value to your business.

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