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We are the ERP Software Development Company in India and offer ERP Software Solutions for varied type of businesses. The need for distance & collaborative learning and the flexibility has been fueling the demand for e-Learning Solutions. e-Planet Infosystem has been instrumental in developing web and application based e-learning solutions which include audio-video chat and other presentation and collaboration tools for various types of audiences.

The advantages of using our solutions are that they are user-friendly, stable, secure and robust. They have well-thought of and sophisticated architecture so that real-time data processing takes place. We maintain logs for activities as and when required. Our solutions usually are SCROM compliant. SCROM is acronym of "Shareable Content Object Reference Model". This is a common e-Learning Standard used for developing, packaging and delivering high-quality training materials for online courses.

It is also necessary to understand that mere ERP planning does not guarantee the benefit of ERP.It has to be implemented as planned after understanding the components of enterprise resource planning. In spite of having improved the implementation issues what remains static and unfettered is the manner in which companies go ahead with ERP implementation. e-Planet Infosystem follows systematic procedures and is highly capable to fulfill all the issues that an organization has to address after defining enterprise resource planning.

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