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e-Planet Infosystem India Pvt. Ltd. Is an Offshore Software Development Company in India which uses the SDLC approach. The Software Development Life Cycle is a process by which user requirements are elicited and software satisfying these requirements is designed, built, tested and delivered to the client. The Development Process is used when a new application is being developed or a major enhancement is being done to an existing application. e-Planet Infosystem adopts the Spiral Progressive Approach to deliver a project. The salient features of this approach are:

  • It follows an Iterative Development model
  • Development phases are revisited with a feedback loop from forward stages at the end of each critical milestone.
  • At one particular time, all disciplines of each project is active.
  • The active percentages of each discipline are different, depending upon what phase we are currently focusing.

The main benefit of this approach is that the customer can always see how the project is shaping up, not like a waterfall approach where a customer sees projects only after one phase is complete. This process reduces the time needed to make corrections. UML is used as a base modeling language in each phase. We have expertise in iterative development methodology. We have successfully implemented Rational Unified Process (RUP), Extreme Programming and Agile Methodologies in our projects. During our talks with our customer, we propose different models and we choose the best approach for project execution with approval from customer.

How do we implement these processes while working with our offshore clients ?

At e-Planet Infosystem, these processes are defined very clearly and we have a Process Matrix. Process Matrix lists all departments, including inter and intra department dependencies. Process Matrix also defines inter-department process by defining interfaces, process responsibilities and artifacts for each department. We interact and engage with our US clients in all these phases and collaborate at each phase with the onshore team.

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